Montgomery Praises Australian 3×3 Women’s Team

The Voice of FIBA 3×3 Kyle Montgomery has praised the Australian women’s 3×3 team, saying they’re going to be an extremely difficult side to beat.

Australia had a breakout 2019 on the 3×3 circuit, winning gold at the Asia Cup, two Women’s Series events and coming fourth at the World Cup.

According to Montgomery, once the Aussies get more experience under their belt, they will become one of the world’s best women’s 3×3 teams.

“People thought I was riding Australia’s bandwagon a little bit but listen, sometimes you can just see a group and the chemistry, and the talent and you say, man, look how well they’re playing right now. Give them a year or two and who’s going to beat them?” Montgomery told 3x3Hustle Hype.

“I say that both on the men’s and women’s side with the Australian teams but particularly the women’s side.

“Winning gold at the Asia Cup and with the OG Alice Kunek, her and Bec Cole, they’re the closest thing to Salt-N-Pepa, you got to throw Maddie Garrick in there too.

“I’m telling you, that trio is the strength of that team. You talk about a promising team, mark it down, I think Australia is right in the mix.”

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