Gangurrus’ path to Paris

The Gangurrus, the Australian women’s 3×3 team, are gearing up for the main stage to take on the world at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Commencing on July 30, Australia will compete against the best 3×3 players from around the world. On August 4, the top four teams will then head to the Semi Finals, Bronze, and Gold medal games where the winners will be crowned on the podium.

Gangurrus head coach, Damon Lowery has revealed the team’s mindset as they prepare for Paris, one that has always remained the same.

“The plan going forward is to get to a couple of women’s series stops before we get to Paris. The mindset is what it always has been, ‘we play with heart and togetherness, and let the chips fall’,” Lowery said.

This is the first time Australia will be represented in 3×3, and although the Gangurrus will already walk out of the Olympics proud, with history under their belts, Lowery explained the pride he had in the team for achieving their lifelong goals before even reaching the event.

“It means that if you put the right type of people together, you’ve got a better than good chance of doing something special. It’s been a lifelong childhood dream of all the Gang to represent their country in the Olympics,” he said.

The schedule has not yet been released, but the names of the Countries who Australia may potentially play have been revealed.

See Pool below:

Back in April, the Gangurrus had one final chance in Japan to secure their place at the Olympics, achieving their goal by defeating fifth-ranked team Canada in the final at the Universality Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Utsunomiya.

With the potential of playing Canada again, Lowery assured the team will be ready to pick up where they left off.

“The tougher the task, the more excited we become, because we know through adversity is where we define ourselves and prove that we are who we say we are,” he said.

“That team that went away to Japan had only 1 chance to qualify, history will never forget their names, and neither will I.”

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